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Statement of Purpose

We organize clinics and demos for several well known Natural Horsemanship trainers as well as Alternative Equine Health Management Practitioners. We feel strongly that horsemanship is about the quality of the relationship and path we travel with our equine partners. Hence the focus on “The Journey”. Our training, teaching methods and principles, focus on this Journey. We embrace any and all that travel a like minded path.

We operate mostly in the New England area and in the winter months, Central Florida. We strive to bring the best and brightest of today’s natural trainers and healers to easily accessible venues so progressive horsemen seeking this type of knowledge can do so in an intimate and supportive environment.

Here at The Journey Horses Farm, Timo and Trudy teach people and horses using Natural Horsemanship principles and techniques gleaned from what we consider to be the best sources of information available today.

“Enjoy your Journey…”

Timo and Trudy


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