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John Saint Ryan

John Saint Ryan -

John Saint Ryan works with horses & riders in every discipline,& at all levels, with a focus on bridging natural horsemanship
techniques, the principles of classical riding & the latest research within Academic Equitation. He draws on his experience working under the guidance of Tom Dorrance, from his work with Master Horseman Jose Manuel Martin de Leon of Spain, & Rodrigo de Costa Mattos of Portugal.

John has a reputation as a truly talented, kind & gentle horseman. Whether he is working with Championship Show Equestrians or dedicated recreational riders, his focus in teaching is the same: "help the students develop a deeper level of communication with their horses & unlock the incredible potential that each horse has to offer". There is no trauma or turmoil in a John Saint Ryan lesson! Just lots of fun & amazing results in connecting & communicating with your horse, no matter what your riding discipline may be.


Mark Russell

Mark Russell is a classical trainer who has relocated his services to Eastern Tennessee after serving Texas, Florida, and New England horse owners for over thirty years. His career began with riding and training Western performance horses in the 1960's. Some years later Mark incorporated dressage into the training experience which inspired him to examine the origins of classical horsemanship and the writings of the "old masters". As a result Mark came to view dressage as essential to all horse training, regardless of riding discipline, and incorporated its fundamental exercises into his own program.

Mark Russell


James Shaw

James Shaw -

James Shaw combines the mechanics of how the human and equine bodies were designed to move with the bio-mechanics of martial arts to create his unique Tai Chi for Equestrians program. Using arts dated from the ancient Chinese Ching Dynasty, when the elite royal soldiers were trained in both riding and Tai Chi, he teaches riders to understand and master the flow of energy through balance and intent. He approaches horse and rider as one organic whole. Working with some of the top riders in Southern California, he has developed individual systems to help equestrians improve their riding.